Hoodoo Voodoo the book Introduction

This Christian-based book is direct and to the point. At the end of selected chapters are prayers for breaking curses, for deliverance and for healing. It includes chapters taken directly from the book “Second Heaven Invasion” By Scott E. Hensler.  It is condensed for quick reference by anyone who is under demonic attack or knows others who need help. Hence the sub title “Counterinsurgency”; meaning, Christians in military-spiritual warfare fashion taking action to defeat and contain demonic insurgency in our lives, by addressing and resolving the root causes of curses, sickness and even mental illness.

The devil does not play fair—he looks for open doors in the lives of God’s people. As born-again Christians, we have been given all power and authority over Satan and his disciples; unfortunately, few in the Christian churches really know what to do when encountering demonic manifestations or experiencing curses that are destroying their lives.

Even though “Hoodoo Voodoo” is the title of this book, it does not stop there. Everything from demons to Freemasonry is addressed, with prayers at the end of each chapter for deliverance from demonic oppression. Here is quick reference for your particular issues!

This “Hoodoo Voodoo” book is part of the Spirit-Realm Series (volume IV) with resolution to address the phenomena known as demonization, paranormal, and close-encounter events which are all based in the demonic. If you are an evangelist, preacher, missionary or strong Christian who fights for himself and others, you are dealing with the demonic--in one way or another.

Unfortunately, witchcraft has taken hold of Christianity in the form of Charismatic witchcraft which manifests as the Kundalini spirit, and false doctrines that counterfeit the Holy Spirit.  All bring the same damning results to all parties, much like Hoodoo or Voodoo will bring on those who practice such things.

Hoodoo is practiced mostly in North America and the Caribbean. It laid claim with African slaves around the Mississippi Delta in the 1800’s, spreading throughout the Southeast and taking hold by the 1930’s. Much like Voodoo, (where it was originated) it is also referred to as Hoodooism, and is basically spiritual folk-magic mixed with Christianity to give readings, conjure, and make spells over others for personal gain or revenge. As Christians, we know the practices of Hoodooism and Christianity cannot be combined together any more than Chrislam (Christianity and Islam) can be combined without being a doctrine of demons (even though they justify their sorcery because Moses in the Old Testament worked miracles). Moses was under divine direction from God, Hoodooism is demonically inspired and includes seducing spirits. Hoodooism is practiced today in the same occult manner:  one thinks he can get closer to God (God knows everything) to receive powers to resolve personal or corporate issues, and includes spells and potions. Just like sorcery, Hoodooism involves parapsychological powers (paranormal/psychic phenomena) with paranormal events taking place while being practiced.

Regardless of what you call it-- from Hoodoo to New Age--it is divination, which is seen by God as an abomination much like witchcraft, mysticism or Pharmacia mixed with sorcery. No good will come from it by cursing those who use it or those who receive it.

Voodoo is a more direct approach to divination than Hoodoo. Those who practice such things know openly they are using evil (like witchdoctors, shamans and occult participants) to do their bidding.

Again, it is all divination which may run through your bloodline, and you are reaping what your ancestors sowed. Clean up your life and your family now--before the second heaven demonic entities invade, as there is no return in sight. Because of sin, the spirit realm is being breached more and more each day. The end-times are among us now, taking down all who do not repent or renounce their sin. As the Lord’s Prayer says, turn to Jesus Christ to break, remove and deliver you and your family from evil.

Make no mistake about it…time is running out for those who are deceived into thinking no judgment is coming. Judgment is coming for all who are God’s enemy and have rejected the Blood of Jesus Christ and rely on other means that actually bring death and destruction! God wishes none should parish and this book will help you get back on the right track through the remission of sins, and how to do what the Christian Church has so neglected to teach God’s people. Repent, forgive and pray!

The book is divided up into categories so you can go directly to curses, demonization, and even learn how to spiritually warfare against the devil.

All chapters are found in “Second Heaven Invasion”, but have been specifically selected and combined together to assist those who are in need of guidance while ministering at home or abroad on mission trips. Other countries have different names for the demonic manifestations; names like Satanism, witchcraft, voodoo or sorcery. The demons are the same--just different names for the apparition. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. Satan just changes the names to fit the different circumstances he lays as snares. Remember, divination is a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. If you have practiced such things and now are experiencing demonic attack, this book is for you.

Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Illuminati, Kabbalah, Satanism and other occult practices are becoming the norm. Satan has had thousands of years to prepare for today’s final conclusion—which is to destroy man--who was made in the image of God. That not only includes Christians, but also those who practice divination. Satan has tricked and lied to God’s people and the non-Christian so long that people in all walks of life are starting to believe his lies. Do not let this happen to you and your loved ones.

God calls for us to test the spirits, and the churches have not been doing that. So now those who keep God’s commandments are on the front lines by themselves holding back the gates of hell. If you do not have the spiritual tools and weapons to protect and fight back, you will fall.

Nothing should ever take the place of God’s word: the Bible. However, this book will assist in prayers and breaking curses, and should be with you at all times in the coming days. If the churches had been teaching spiritual warfare, this book would not have had to be written!

In this book is a dedicated chapter with prayers for your children. Never forget how important it is to pray over your children for healing and deliverance.

Stand and fight and take back what the devil has stolen from you!

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The Book

270 pages of Healing and Deliverance with 18 chapters!

Christian Counterinsurgency Field Manual