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Book series Description

The fourth book titled “Hoodoo Voodoo” (volume IV) in the Spirit-Realm Series by Scott E. Hensler has selected chapters from “Second Heaven Invasion”. This condensed version provides quick reference for particular needs by pastors, evangelist and missionaries. This is the book to take with you to jungle villages, or our city streets, that are under demonic control. This book will guide you through the pulling down of strongholds and setting people free. Including yourself!

Chapter Description


One: Demonization versus Possession Defined - Can a Christian have a demon?

Two: Demons - What are they and where did they come from?

Three: Spirits - Good or bad?

Four: Angels the Sons of God - Messengers, healers and death angels.

Five: Blood Sacrifice - Have I done something to curse myself and my family?

Six: Kundalini Spirit - The false Holy Spirit manifesting in the Christian Church!

Seven: Paranormal - Spirit realm activity and manifestations. What's going on?

Eight: Nightmares and Night Terrors - Are you having visitations not just nightmares?

Nine: Freemasonry and the Illuminati - Secret societies what are they and are they good or bad?

Ten: Soul-Ties - Why can I not love my spouse the way they love me?

Eleven: Matters of the Heart - Part two of Soul Ties and what makes us tick.

Twelve: Exorcism and Deliverance - What is an exorcism and do I need one and can I deliver myself?

Thirteen: Blessings and Curses - Are curses active in your life and if so what can be done about them!

Fourteen: Spiritual Warfare - Fight back and do not take it anymore! Set yourself free…

Fifteen: Children's Deliverance - Are your children having nightmares, visitations or sick all the time?

Sixteen: Returning Military Troops Need Deliverance - Our military troops needs our help! Find out how to help them.

Seventeen: Chemical Sensitivities - The spiritual connection

Bonus chapter: Is There a Witchdoctor in the House?




The Book

270 pages of Healing and Deliverance with 18 chapters!

Christian Counterinsurgency Field Manual